Internet & Wi-Fi services

Internet & Wi-Fi

Consumer convenience is driving technology and defining functionality. Convenience means portability and portability dictates that your devices need a wireless connection. A fast stable Wi-Fi and internet connection is essential in todays connected homes, offices and work environments.

As more devices come online, a reliable internet connection is a must have, but optimising coverage in concrete buildings throws up many obstacles. We have installed Wi-Fi in homes, offices and work places, even power stations! and encountered our fair share of hurdles to overcome.

Why Wi-Fi?

The cost of putting a Wi-Fi chip into a device is much more economical than the costs of cabling a home or office. Add to this the speeds that Wi-Fi is now capable of, you can see how convenient a good Wi-Fi network has become. Gone are the days of 56k modems, we don’t settle for anything less than megabit speeds, but note how many devices are now “calling home” or require an internet connection within your home to offer full functionality. Even home users now want access to home services from outside of their home, which is where cloud hosting can help. From Air conditioning, TVs, Alarm systems, even the fridge and there’s more to come.

What we do best

At Sydney IT Assist we can install, configure and often improve internet and Wi-Fi speeds by optimising the configuration for your usage, map out blackspots with Wi-Fi and install repeaters to improve coverage in low signal areas.

We have completed various jobs including terrace houses, dense units and commercial premises, ranging from a single access point (AP) to multiple APs in a mesh configuration.

Don’t settle for dropouts and patchy reception, frustrating black-spots or poor speeds. Mobile devices are supposed to enable freedom, functionality and productivity. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Whether for home, office or temporary building site coverage, let us set up your internet and optimise your wireless coverage.