Free 60 minute ‘Tech Check’

For a short time we are running a promo for new customers, offering a free 60 minute onsite ‘tech check’ to ensure you are getting the most from your technology or just a health check to assess any problems you may be having  . Simply give us a call and we can schedule an appointment at your convenience.


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Computer Health Check


We come to your premise to discuss areas for improvement, or simply offer some helpful advice after a tech assessment.

Obligation free.

We want you to be able to focus on what your business does, how you generate revenue, and keeping your customers happy. It’s our job to take away the stresses of tech hassles.


After visiting with new clients, we often uncover areas for improvement, or tech issues which are not optimal solutions for the business. Slow networks, poor Wi-Fi coverage, Servers not backed up or remote access problems are also common findings

We are confident that we can improve your tech investment and financial outlay to keep your business running smoothly without the burden of ongoing issues

Here’s just a few tasks we can look at for you:


Running a computer malware scan finds issues 90% of the time, even with a good Anti-Virus package. AV products often don’t search out malware and PUPs. The customers never know they were there. This is the design nature of many malware products. The idea is to lay concealed for as long as possible. We take the time to ensure your computers are clean and running at an optimum.

Back-Up Assessment

Everyone in business does back-ups. It’s no-brainer knowing that without specific data your business could come to a screaming halt. This could be customer data, financial data, in-house intellectual property, or just simply your daily operating information.

What small business rarely has the time for, is to run an assessment of the restore process. When was the last time you actually tried this?

We have uncovered process failure, lack of skills or knowledge in the restore process, technical limitations or lack of back-up space, no confirmation of success or failure, and the incorrect data being captured.


With video becoming so prevalent in business marketing, moving large video files between PCs and backups is highlighting slow networks either over Wi-Fi or LAN. While onsite we can also measure your network speeds for optimal performance and make changes or recommendations for improved speeds.

Finally, we might need to talk about ongoing prevention of further occurrences. Check out our security tips or maybe start using a password manager if you have a habit of writing your complex password on that Post-It note at the side of your monitor!


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Alternatively, download our eBook on the 5 most common mistakes made in small business IT. Then give us a call to talk about how we can ensure you are not on that list.