What is Server Management & How Does It Help?

what is server management?Server management is a task undertaken by a information technology specialist to help businesses get the most from today’s fast-paced world of technology.

Businesses not only need stability from servers and software applications but also scalable solutions to meet their ever-growing needs.

The problem commonly arises when there’s a lack of qualified server administrators to fix more complicated issues. However, that level of talent and expertise does come with a price. That means it doesn’t make economic sense to hire a full time employee for small business IT support tasks such as server management.

This is where using a small business server management company comes in handy. Your servers will be managed remotely with the same level of expertise you would expect from a fulltime server manager. Doing so will help you cut the labour cost significantly without sacrificing the quality of your business operations.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the ways a server management professional can help your business.

What is Server Management?

In general, server management companies can assist your business with the following tasks:

Server setup. As you install more servers, you will need to configure them with your currently existing setup to make sure that everything is up and running.

Server monitoring. This entails checking the status of all the programs and applications running on your servers to avoid issues (e.g. downtime) as they arise.

Keeping all programs up-to-date. All servers require patching regularly. Most noteably for security holes found after the firmware is released. As your server or NAS device holds your company data and intellectual property it is critical that these patches are realised and applied with minimum delay. To keep your servers healthy, a server management company may offer to do this for you either by request or as part of the packaged service you have availed.

Note: Keep in mind that not all service providers offer the same set of server management practices. Some are best suited for supporting self-managed servers while others are enterprise-level specialists.

3 Benefits of Using a Server Management Company

So let’s get to the one-million-dollar question. What are the advantages of using a server management company?

Customised Server Setup

While business activities rely on servers of some kind, this does not mean that all servers are the same. They may differ depending on how a company intends to use it for and thus may require a different setup and configuration.

This is why it is also important to explain your specific requirements to the service provider. This will help both parties come up with the best set up and configuration plan to the servers are up and running smoothly.

Server Management & Security

Server maintenance will increase the security of your servers and data, minimising the risk of hackers accessing your company information. Anti-virus, firewalls and malware scanning assist in keeping the bad guys out.

24/7 Monitoring and Availability

Your servers may experience a critical issue at any time of the day. An effective server management company will make themselves available to their clients 24/7. So instead of trying to tackle issues on your own, you can just let the experts handle it quickly and effectively.

Taking Care Of Technology For You

The biggest reason you need server management expertise? So you can get back to business and let someone take care of it all for you. Server managers will monitor the performance, integrity, and health of your servers round the clock. This can include but not limited CPU usage, load average, server load, Disk storage and more. Preventing issues you never knew existed from ever occurring.

Outsourcing server management is a crucial business process that can add stability and security to your servers. It is more affordable and flexible, than hiring a team of server administrators fulltime.

Many clients prefer a ‘work window’ out of business hours. We can perform your patches and upgrades at a time suitable to you.

So if you wish to focus on the other important aspects of your business, leave server management to a trusted service provider near you. Get in touch with us for all your IT support needs and mobile computer repairs in Sydney.