Time to remove Apple’s QuickTime

Still using Apple’s QuickTime for viewing video files? It’s time to move over to something like VLC following recent press reports that there’s no patch on the digital horizon.

The short explanation is that a vulnerability was found in the QuickTime program but Apple have decided to leave it and stop issuing patches for now, and maybe into the future. Credit: Ludovikus/Shutterstock The recommendation here is that you remove the software and switch to another program to view your videos and media files. We think VLC is a great program and can play the vast number of formats on the market today.  If you are not sure that you have the program installed, have a look in your ‘Programs & Features section’ of Control Panel. If you have iTunes installed, you may well have QT installed at the same time.

For more information have a quick Google or a read of this article from Laptop Mag to uninstall QT.